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OFFICIAL ACCOUNT FOR @Lavender 👋 @clubhouse Content Creator ——————————————————— DISCLAIMER @Lavender is the OFFICIAL HANDLE and ONLY account for Clubhouse Creator LAVENDER. Not affiliated with any other “Lavender” account(s) PRODUCT USAGE Creator currently on hiatus from clubhouse (available upon request) LEGAL WARNING I do not give permission for anyone to use my name, image, voice, or other defining attributes or “likeness” in rooms, clubs, content, or replays etc. neither on nor off this app. Unwanted, embarrassing, aggressive, or threatening behavior, and/or slander, that infringes upon my right to remain free of harassment will result in legal action seeking all available damages and remedies. BIO (Official Top 20) 👋CONTENT CREATORS(s) selected by the Clubhouse execs to develop quality enjoyment for its users. Lavender, who goes by a single name, is often described as “if cheat code was a person.” She has raised over $250K on Clubhouse for humanitarian causes and is verifiably one of the most influential creators on the app. Lavender is the founder of the Jury Duty House: home of Jury Duty Book Club with over 20K members. She also has a partnership with one of the top (5) publishing companies in the world. FUN FACTS • My real name is Lavender ንስመይ ኣኽብሮ:: ኣርባዕተ ነጥቢ •🫡 I’m legendary in the CH streets • I’m East Hαlfrícαn🐪 ሐበሻ “The new dawn blooms as we free it / For there is always light / If only we’re brave enough to see it / If only we’re brave enough to be it." -ሊላ Lila Negasi 🇪🇷 🇪🇹 🇩🇯 🇸🇩 🇸🇴 🇰🇪 🇺🇬 🇸🇸