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Laurie Lewis




Health Coach & Intermittent Fasting expert ⏰ I help people tap into a free energy source (body fat!) and stop the cravings and hormonal street brawl. Body harmony ✅ never diet again ✅ burn fat ✅ balance hormones ✅ bright energy ✅ boost immunity ✅ joyful mindset ✅ sharp focus ✅ enjoy delicious food ✅ FREEDOM ✅ celebration ✨🥂CHEERS to your vibrant future! ♣️🏠 Please join my Club and weekly Room FAST TALK 📣⤵️ THURS at NOON (pacific) Real-time spotlight coaching, myth busting, fitness, nutrition, growth mindset. How all aspects of life improve with Intermittent Fasting. All questions welcome. How may I support you? 🕳 Menopause was like suddenly finding myself in a crushing dark hole. Then I discovered that everything gets brighter (cognitively, emotionally, spiritually, physically) with daily clean fasting. I shed FIFTY+ POUNDS ☀️ of stubborn hormonal weight in 15 months which I’ve kept off for 5 years. My book 📚 “Celebrating Your Vibrant Future: Intermittent Fasting for Women 44 to Forever” was written from my 💗♾ 🎙💎 I absolutely love being a podcast guest, having lively conversations about health, fasting, nutrition, aging, entrepreneurship, meditation, courage, creativity, mindset... making a difference for hosts and listeners. 📍 PDX ☕️🌲 CO ⛷🏔 NYC🌆✨✨ I’ve visited all 50 US states + favorite spots on earth are Grand Canyon magic + NYC grit + getting lost in Venice Italy. 🧳🌹 I’m a joyful flâneuse who loves to work hard, and every awesome photo 📸 of me was taken by Sarah Waters. (Waters Photographs) 💌 [email protected] ⏰ You are loved.