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Lauren Diana Scalf




✨ Creator of The Soul Systems Method TM 🌟 Founder of Soul Empowered with Lauren Diana 💻 CEO of Laurea Technology & Business Consulting 1/3 Generator | INFJ | ♐️☀️ ♋️🌖 ♍️⬆️ I take my almost 20 years of knowledge in tech, digital marketing, and business and combine it with my psychic intuitive gifts for a success combo you won’t find anywhere else. My knowledge and skill has helped Fortune500 companies like General Motors and Mercedes-Benz grow their businesses to amazing success in the online space. This unique combo allows me to help female entrepreneurs eliminate their negative belief structure and then guide them on to take strategic action so they can easily create a life and business that they love 💕 I do this by using my proprietary Soul Systems Recode Method TM that focuses on 3 steps... 1. Uncover - what’s blocking you? What BS beliefs do we need to reprogram? 2. Recode - using the Superconscious Rapid Recode Method TM, I, in many cases instantly, and gently, reprogram any beliefs that are preventing you from creating the life you desire. I’ve got a few other tricks up my sleeve for this as well 😉 3. Strategic Action - once we’ve cleared the path, together we guide you into alignment with what you want and formulate your strategy for success so you can easily create everything you’ve ever wanted in your life and business. I’m a child of trauma and after years of feeling like I was broken and believing the myth the personal development industry keeps perpetuating- that you need to fix yourself before you can have whatever it is you want - I said enough was enough and decided to create a better way. You’re whole, you aren’t broken. You’ve just got the wrong structure in place for what you’re trying to create. Together let’s tear down the old one and clear the way for what you truly desire. I am on a path of constant education to be able to always provide the best of the best to my clients. They’ve gone on to make the money, skyrocket their biz, improve their relationships, and have the courage to put their dreams front and center. If you’re ready to say no more to the bullshit, procrastination, fear, uncertainty and overall just feeling like you aren’t cut out for this - then let’s chat so we can banish those lies for good and start creating the life you’ve always desired. 📍Chicago, Il, USA