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Lauren Klein




Futures researcher (she/we) Aesthetics + Identity in futures. Artist Transition + transformation through social technologies. Hair is a Social Technology A call for personal action: mirror work; what aesthetic are you using to empower yourself? What binary does that power emerge from? Always learning, amending, evolving Futures literacy + outreach, historical perspective, social honesty. dao aspiring ➰ Frizz advocate ♾ Creator of Aesthetic Autonomy Virtual Salon and Aesthetic Futures for Social Wellness. 🔈Practitioner, researcher, sculptor, + stylist building works, experiences, and services that impact our everyday practices and ‘aesthetic currency’ as disruptive tools of this colonialist, distributed, planetary era. I come from an artistic and sociological foundational practice and have been gathering experiences, trades, and tools over 20 years which manifest in my futures praxis. Licensed cosmetologist. 💬 Currently working in my virtual salon, consulting on aesthetic futures UX, and prototyping services that support social justice + plural, protopian futures. Living in Centro Historico, Mexico City, since 2017. Practicing The Hologram 2021-2050 Spatial Audio enthusiast 🔊📢😄