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Laura Wilde




I scale Superhumanism👇🏾 Mentoring NBA & NFL professionals to 🏆 (biz athletes too) win championships. My app The Cosmic Arena is where anyone can learn to be superhuman. For free. Weekly zone training with me. World Peace begins with Inner Peace. THE ZONE is inner peace. Link to it in my IG Bio ♟ Short Term Goal: serve and teach 10 milly peeps to get in the zone/FLOW State 🏆 I train pro athletes and corporate execs to raise their frequency so that they can launch a cosmic strategy to lead their teams to championships.. 🏀NBA ⚾️ MLB 🏀WNBA 🏈 NFL 🔵 NCAA 🩰Ballet 🌟 The Cosmic ZONE coach 🏀 NBA Mental Performance Coach 🧠 Mental Performance Rebel 🦋📍LA 🌞📍ATL 🍑📍NYC 🍎 🇺🇳 World Peace Believer; I AM on this planet 2 inspire & love ❤️ unconditionally & rep high vibes My methods: 💎 Frequency Alchemist ⚔️ Jedi Unicorn 🦄 Black Unicorn (not that kind) 🚀 Creator: Holistic Player Development 👩🏽‍⚕️ Creator: Sports Energy Medicine 🔬 Epigenetics Sports Medicine 🧠 Holistic Sports Psychology ☄️ Quantum entanglement & Q tunneling 🌟 ✅ DM me “ZONE” (on IG please) for the free PDF: The Magic ZONE Formula in 4 steps. 🏆 Sports MetaPhysician 🌟 Medical Intuitive 🧝🏾‍♀️ SLIder #IYKYK ❇️ More Free stuff👇🏽 via IG I ❤️ long bios. Curious people do too. Where Imma Be: ❇️ FLOW state room (random) ❇️ 🍩Breakfast with Champions☕️ Fun Stuff ❤️ Law of One 🖊Author: The Cosmic Athlete 💰I smell👃🏽money. Try it! ✌🏽 Original Spiritual Gangsta 💎 Rock Dropper 📚 Bibliophile I like: 🧠 Neuroscience 🥇Sports 🚗 Lover of exotic cars I Teach: 🦋 The Zone 🔮 Intuition 🧠 Mindset & Motivation 🧘🏽‍♀️ Meditation 💚 I don’t chase my dreams. I align with them. 🧝🏾‍♀️ Consciousness, high frequency, the quantum 🕳 & love 📩 [email protected]