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Laura Laham




🇸🇾 Syrian-American Stand Up Comedian #FreePalestine 🍉 Upcoming shows on my ig Venmo: @Laura-Laham-1 “You’re intense but in a bizarre way” - a loved one ⚙️Mechanical Engineer Tattoo Artist 🖋 AI Art ADHD af Southern Gothic Red Dirt • Bluegrass 🎵 🌟DnD chaotic neutral air genasi shadow monk or teifling warlock depending on the day. 📍LA based nobody 📍Brooklyn born n raised Very loud about Arab Representation 6’4” If ThAt MaTtErS 🏳️‍🌈 The B babyyyyy ♒️ 🐍 INTJ 🔮 I’m psychic ask me about your future.