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Laura Coleman




Meditation Ninja 🥷🧘‍♀️ Founder of Be.Modern Meditation Speaker 🎤 | Coach 🤓 | Founder 💼| Wild swimmer 🏊‍♀️ | Mum of teens 🤯 | Lover of forests 🌳 and the ocean 🌊 On a mission to make meditation attainable and accessible, no matter what your life looks like so you can ditch stress and overwhelm and build a life that’s meaningful; from meditation “meh” to meditation Ninja 🔥 Come learn some Ninja Mind Skills with me! 😎 [email protected] How you can work with me: 1. Jump on my FREE Ninja Mind Skills Training for the Modern World (to get you meditating in less than 20 minutes) 2. If you’re ready to build a practice, join my 21 Day Ninja Mind Skills Programme: combining daily bite sized digital training and practices combined with LIVE daily support throughout 3. Work with me 1:1 for maximum Ninja skills tailored to you so you can change your life. Book a £99 1 hour power session to get your very own roadmap and skills Need an expert to spread the word and inspire change? 🧐   If you have a community, workplace or podcast that would benefit from a talk or workshop, get in touch! ✅ I’ve featured on BBC Radio, podcasts and summits and provide workshops/ talks for every flavour of industry: - management consultants 📈 - construction 🚧 - architects 🏛 - marketing agencies 📉 - Charities 🎗 - social enterprise 🔐 - financial services 💰 - pharma 💉 and many more. I also LOVE 💕 collaborating so if you’re a coach or leader then let’s talk! 😁 What do other people say? ““Where to start?! I've ditched the anti-anxiety/depressants, found time and space to enjoy life and value the everyday, I've learnt to value my abilities, learnt about how I think and how I can control my racing mind. Life changing stuff.” “Really impressive and not what I was expecting! Practical, down to earth, realistic, eloquent, friendly, amusing, talked a lot of sense and very convincing. Just the right balance of personal and professional” ““It was honestly one of the best wellbeing days I've ever been on. A perfect mix of theory and practical application.”