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Rachael Lashbrook




♣️ ✳️ Startup Club Admin - ♣️ ✳️ Talk Club Admin - 📍 Fort Lauderdale, FL 👩🏻‍🦰 Program Manager at KUS USA 🇯🇵 Former Fukuoka JET 福岡県大好き🗾💕 🥋 Founder of Judo Club ニ段です - 💖 Lover of travel, fuzzy friends, tea & CrossFit 🤿 Sunny South FL SCUBA Diver 👌🏻 日本語会話 - Looking for conversation 👽 Dabbling in Domains 🪁 Currently focused on the intersection of wellness, recovery, longevity and community. 🦄 Im looking for a real estate investor to bring a unique, one stop wellness space for neighbors, athletes, judokas, travelers, retreaters and more to soak, recover, practice and refuel their body, mind and spirit. 🧿✨ I hug on the heart side and greet with kisses on the cheek $lashrl