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LaFern Pardun




Bringing the ➕positive 💫energy into my clients daily 💰financial transactions! Watching each client soar📈as their energy becomes aligned with their finances is what I’m here for🥳. 📚Back Story Born and raised in Minnesota, USA and from an early age was brought up to love nature and enjoy different surroundings. Love road trips across the USA and when able, get abroad to expand my horizons. I was married for a spell, have two wonderful kiddos that I was mainly a SAHM to, and am now unlearning all the ‘shoulds’ I thought my life was supposed to be. Stepping into myself and discovering who I truly am while sloughing the layers, overcoming childhood traumas and completely changing the trajectory my life has been on until now. Embracing my love of numbers and running a virtual bookkeeping business. Passions 🏦Making sense of numbers: Bookkeeping 🧸Mom to two kiddos 🗺Adventures: hiking, zip lining, kayaking, etc ✈️Travel 🔥May Cuss a bit...🙊 🫂Understanding people 🧶Connecting with different people 📖Reading: fiction/murder mystery/biographical fiction 🌱Personal Growth 💫Neuro Linguistics 🕯Empath 💖Self Care Advocate 💞Encourager to all 🛠DIYer 🗺Human Design: 5:1 Projector Defender: ISFJ-T Enneagram 5w4 Not sure if we will be a good fit?! Let’s discover if we are!⬇️