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Lady Rocket - @LADYROCKETSPACE IG Founder opening Space to your participation - its Moon NFTs going to MOON and creating Space Assets non fungible human , Los Angeles to Mars, Space Maverick,CEO, Artist Founder of Blockchain and Space funding venture Copernic Space, Founder of Investor,Space MFTs Artist, Fashion and Media creator .As Lady Rocket Disrupts Space, Creator of Space start ups .Founder of which creates,funds Space Inspiration,Space Diversity, philanthropy and Space Entrepreneurship .SpaceArt Fashion NFTs to save WildeLife and climate. Mars Education for kids. Created first Satellite NFTs . Mars Entrepreneur. Public Speaker, TV shows, Internarional producer. Lady Rocket Media,Disruptor of Space , Space Philanthropist, upcoming show “Lady Rocket” filmed in LA and abroad. Lady Rocket Foundation - created to bring human face to Space and expand its relevance to all. Founder of Copernic Space start up. created first Lady Rocket Space Art NFTs Exhibit - Palm Beach, Miami, followed by trend setting NFT Space Philanthropy campaign to support Saving the Survivors South Africa WildeLife. Launched during Bitcoin 2021 Miami. Creator of California Space Center, winner of the Largest land bid to build it next to Vandenberg Space Base Lady Rocket Satellite Rhino NFT campaign Investment entrepreneur, Space influencer creator of New Space Economy, Copernic Space. Created “Satellite Rhino” NFTs campaign to save wildlife. Space and Climate Change, leads charge to build OPEN Space financing to democratize access to Space;while using her Lady Rocket personality,Lady Rocket Fashion, Music,Art to change Space engagement,beyond STEM, especially for minorities, finances programs and Space Entrepreneurship,California Space Center and Space Philanthropy developing California Space Center and Dome next to Vandenberg Space Base , CA Follow me on Twitter And @ladyrocketspace IG Listed @agelessplanet IG is not a formal one - it is in preparation for a launch of my Space lifestyle company still on the lift off site @ladyrocketspace IG @ladyrocketspace Twitter