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💎 Leading voice for contemporary digital art and culture providing an essential platform for the art and artists of our time. • Brought NFTs to Clubhouse • NFT Advisor to your favorite creatives • Teaching Cryptomedia @ Harvard & Dartmouth • Coined the terms Audio Reactive NFT + Legacy NFT • Featured in Forbes, Vogue, Vice, C4UK • Host of Crypto Basel • Organized “Proof Of Sovereignty” Christie’s 1st curated NFT sale • 🧠: OPEN METAVERSE. art. NFTs. digital humans. artificial intelligence. DeFi. plant medicine. surfing. human potential. XR. NATURE. culture. cryptomedia. culinary art. decentralized. Indigenous Wisdom. D E E P T I M E. bringing people together. SOVEREIGNTY. speculative futures and design. 😂Laughter as an ab workout. QUIET POWER ☀️ make it a good day | ✨IG