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Katie Jane




📍Phoenix, Arizona!!🏜 If you're local and wanna connect, hit a sista up on IG!! 🌼 I am an Angelic Starseed, here to help anchor more love and light into Mama Gaia's crystalline grid as the vibration of the planet rises. 🥰🌍🥰 I am offering intuitive oracle card readings and, my new favorite, individualized Harmonic Channeling messages!! ✨ 💜🎶💜**Check out the replays of my Harmonic Channeling rooms here in my Purple Palace of Love Club** 💜🎶💜 My DMs on Instagram are open 🤗💜🤗 #EverythingIsRightAboutYou🦄 🦋💎SHINE💎BRIGHT💎🦋 Love offerings gratefully accepted via: 🌺 Venmo: @KatieJane86 🌺 CashApp: $LadyJane444 🌺 Paypal: Scorpio Sun🌞/ Capricorn Moon🌛/ Scorpio Rising⚡