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Suzanne Gwynn RN



The death of a child is unimaginable, yet the resources in the USA are minimal. If this touches your heart, let’s talk about collaborating to change the current scenario. I’m working to build WA states first brick and mortar children’s palliative care home with family respite and when needed, end of life support. Caring for the entire family is our goal 🙏🏼 If we cannot add days to the life of a child, we will add life to their days❣️ I’ve been a pediatric RN for almost 40 years and nonprofit founder since 2014 ❣️Ladybug House supports the parents/caregivers of children with serious and life limiting diagnoses. Parents who provide medical care at home to sustain their children’s lives have little to no respite or community support. Kids have next to no bridge between home and hospital for end of life care, especially our cancer kiddos. It’s a global issue. Family centered pediatric palliative care, respite, end-of-life support and bereavement is a registered 501(c)3 EIN#90-1020508 connect with us to learn more 🇺🇸SEATTLE is where It’s happening Myers Briggs - INFJ