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Dianara Saget




Co-Founder: ThinkCrypto CH Phonetic Pronunciation🗣Di-Ah-Nara Crypto currency enthusiast 🚀 Crypto currency educator 🚀 Community Activist 🇩🇴 Advocate for Little boy’s. 👦🏽👦🏾✊🏽 Racial Justice Reform ⚖️ You can find me in Clubhouse🏡 : Crypto Rooms, social justice rooms, women empowerment 💕 Lover of People ❤️ Lover of Culture💛 Lover of Teaching 💙 Listen to my Story on podcast thru the KAMcast project. 🎙 Member of : The Children Youth & Families Collaborative Commission for the city of Alexandria.🏙 Crypto Investor📈 Bitcoin mining ⛏ ask me how? Medicare Specialist⚕️ My Story📖 Born and Raised in Roxbury to 🇩🇴 Parents Afro Latina Living in the DM(V) B.O.P Graduate Insurance Agent Homeschooling Single MOM🏡 School Board Candidate 2018 Lover of Jesus🙏🏽 Ecclesiastes:3 Seasons Helping the nuclear family to elevate and reach their highest potential. Financially Mentally as well as Spiritually.Jill. Thank