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Kyle Kaminsky




🎤Host: Social Play @CH Digital intimacy experience design Finding ways to bring play and empowerment to as many people as possible Join the “Social Play” club to explore the art of conversation and building empathy through play 🙂 🧞‍♀️Magic Carpet Ride: Every weekend on CH we take you for a fully immersive ride with cultures from all across the world....join the Social Play Club for departure times 🚀 Passionate about community building and creating magic in the human connection space 💃🏻 Co-Founder 👶🏻PLAY - Featured on NPR - help adults reconnect with inner child 📴Advisor for Brick: Digital wellness movement helping people form healthier relationships with technology Love to talk about: 🫂Creating virtual empathy 🎭How to play 🎥The future of Film + TV 🤟🏼How to connect in a pandemic 🙊How to authentic relate 💌How to create the best singles event on the planet