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Patricia Kuzmicz




Hello members of ClubHouse ☀️Here to learn, add value & service. I’m a semi retired clinical nurse into wellness, personal growth, investing for future legacy with our God given talents, student of life, avid seeker of truth,a little intuitive spiritual healer, humanitarian, advocate for justice, love innovation, business strategies, marketing, investing, living your best life after 40, surviving mid life crisis creating wealth self & others, all about networking & supporting the Tribe. A child at heart with creative ideas; in the works of engineering a Global Toy 🧸 Factory to help mitigate inequalities. 🌈💕 ClubHouse is Genius. Amazing Room Clubs & Awesome Members. Thank you for the follow 🌟We all have Greatness, Stay Bright & Shine that Light with Purpose. Let’s all be thoughtful, speak kind to self & others. Forgiveness is key to unblock all nasties to move forward. Follower of all religions that inspire us to a higher level of consciousness & potential. Learning the art of mindfulness & mindset. Member of @mindvalley. 👏💜🙋‍♀️Remember, next time someone maliciously labels you, judges you for past mistakes or tears you down, know that when the creator made you, it was no mistake, only he can lay down the law & judge.Step up, level up, create boundaries & assert your truth.Create your unique brand with your voice & inspiration. Addictions are unsettled hurts, pains, coping mechanism. Face your pain. Survivor of PTSD. Aren’t we all in some way? Advocate for mental health & alternative healing modalities. My escape from the noise: running 🏃‍♀️ going out for nature walks & retreats. Reach out to members for support, coaching, inspiration. Go & conquer your unique dreams with Self Mastery, Wisdom & Humbleness. It is a way of life - there is no finish line of self improvement. Sharing is Caring. My mom my best friend said: ‘Learn to be a Yogi & in stillness the greatest gifts will shine.’ Joel Osteen & Dr.Dyer my spiritual brothers :) Faith is everything. Being a good steward & create as we are all divine. we all have many superb mentors that created the shift of living for others to serving self first to serve others better. TY @JTFoxxofficial ☔️☀️Change your mind, change your destiny. Survive & Thrive. Your life matters to someone ♥️ Learn Self Love. The grass not greener on other side ;) work yr garden before criticizing the weeds of others. TY to my new friends @Billywhitehouse