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Ok I'm starting to get the hang of this thing. Blockchain and cloud technology enthusiast Cloud infrastructure and cluster management Cross-platform enterprise application development Omoluabi, Omo Yoruba, Omo Jaiyejaiye Omo Eko (Lagos boy), Native of Ajah, Eti-Osa Straight out of Lagos Island Not the one to be messed around Here to listen and learn There's going to be some stuff you're going to hear that's going to make it hard for you to smile. But through whatever you hear, you have to keep a sense of humour, you have to be able to smile. 🇬🇧 I like to discuss innovation in the field of computing in areas of computing infrastructure, semiconductors chipset and IC, integrated circuit, instruction set, x86 and arm. Composition of computer infrastructure and the use of virtual machines and containers as a means of unit of process execution. Currently playing around with microcomputers like Arduino and Raspberry Pi to try my hand on some embedded devices for internet of things. Installing Linux distributions and running distributed workloads across multiple embedded devices. Adopting rust-lang and using cargo like Docker engine!