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Kunal Chandiramani




Entrepreneur 📚⌨️🗺 I Enjoy writing and my book was an International Bestsellers in the US and Japan 🎤 I've done 3 TED Talks and occasionally Keynote 🎙️I host a global #16 ranked health podcast around mental health and DeToxing, dToks 🎗️ I was also on the 35 under 35 list 💺 Former Honary advisor to the largest Ed brand in Asia with over 130 schools 🏢 Culture is a priority at work, and my companies have a 4.6/5⭐ ✒️ Market Expert columnist - ☑️ Verified on Google My companies: KStar Inc (E-Commerce for rural artisans with micro businesses - 100k users +) dToks (#16 Global Health Podcast | Curated 5 Star Resort DeToxing events | 700+ Volunteer Mental Health Movement) Alacrous (Making industry experience for HighSchoolers possible through curating collaborated programs with fortune 500’s - 10k students in 9 months) Featured on: The Teen Magazine Business World YAHOO news Yourstory Jet Wings Cover Human being aka Homo Sapien Love Reading :)