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Bro.Ken Taylor




Husband ~ Father ~ IT Pro (20+yrs) ~ Lover of Music ~ Lover of Christ ~ Streamer ~ Graphic Designer ~ Videographer ~ NEW Notary ~ Jack-of-Many-Trades ~ Behind-The-Scenes-Mover ~ Thinker ~ Baltimorean Please understand that I ain't tripping over the presentation of my CH profile (and in case you’re wondering, I’ve intentionally made this an emoji-free zone). I'm not primarily here to "market" myself. For those who are, God bless you. What I'm mainly looking for though, is some genuinely decent folk who are interested in leaving every interaction in a better state than when it began. Be a blessing 1st y'all, and then you can't help but be blessed. Oh, and I have some socials, but where those are concerned, I follow the Ghostbusters’ sentiment: I DON’T CROSS THE STREAMS. If you're interested, you can head to for some of my design samples, and to reach me for more info.