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David Koroma




A communications professional with a passion for arts, gaming and philosophy. Working in the fintech industry and providing payment solutions for Canadian businesses. Always looking through OpenSea or for digital art for my corner of the metaverse. Hosting Web3 Warriors podcast every Saturday live on Twitch, launched 1-22-2022. 👾 Follow on Spotify. @Krome on OpenSea & Objkt 🌊 — KromeWorld.eth — 🎮 Koroma Communications 🖋 Fintech solutions 💲⛓️ NFT consulting 🎨🖌 Live-streaming support 🖥 Helping artists join the NFT revolution through The Dream Conduit. Leading the Narrative Conduit to assist with writing. Blockchain Gospel 📖 deacon — sharing the word of Satoshi. Web3 built on blockchain technology will change your life. ✊🏾 Storytime DAO VP. Minting works of literature and art on the blockchain. 📖 📍MB, Canada - Treaty 1 🇨🇦 🍁