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Kristine Green




I build and re-build companies. CEOs contract with me when they need hard, fast and immediate action to streamline and scale their businesses - whether that’s in operations, finance, development, or otherwise. Right now I’m looking to take on some new opportunities and I’m open to discussions. Let’s talk about what you’re interested in putting into place! ▪️I analyze your business’ systems and processes for supreme efficiency while focusing on increasing your bottom line. ▪️I help entrepreneurs and corporate professionals become unstuck when faced with overwhelm attributed to rapid growth, slow growth, inefficient operations, failed management and poorly driven teams. ▪️I help you transform your small business into a high-functioning, high-producing industry empire. I connect you with industry leaders of all variations welcoming you into professional networks that will not only grow your business, but also every aspect of your life. ▪️I provide a very direct, very clear, unbiased insight into what is working in your business and what is not. ▪️I will set you apart from your competitors. ▪️I do the hard things so you don’t have to. I restructure your teams, evaluate your key employees, work with your corporate officers and become the outside authority you need so you can focus on what matters most; building your dream. ▪️I empower Strong Women with confidence, positivity, security and the drive to LIVE their lives and take their POWER back. Other Superpowers- 🌟All things data! Integrations, BI software, Mapping.. Complete nerd at heart. 🌟Reader of People. 🌟13 years in the Fire Service. 📍Texas ✉️ [email protected] 📱 469-484-6798 Text LinkedIn Facebook 🗣