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Kristen Herlihy




I make the need for change ✨ CRYSTAL CLEAR ✨in the lives of overtaxed 40+ professional women. Hi 👋 my name is Kristen. I’m a psychotherapist & health coach passionate about helping driven 40+ women create healthy lifestyles through how she thinks🧐, how she fuels🥦 and how she moves🏃‍♀️. ➡️ start with my free sleep type quiz to get rid of never ending exhaustion and brain fog in your day. ➡️ then join me for a virtual fitness class - your first class is always free ➡️ ready for some healthy eating? Next try my 30 Day Meal Plan Solution Let me ask you…does this sound familiar in your day? ✅ you spend more time/energy/spirit in replenishing your RELATIONSHIPS with others than you do in your relationship with yourself. ✅ you feel totally spent by the end of your busy day, giving to others, but cannot remember anything that you gave to YOURSELF. ✅ you know that you should EAT CLEANER 🥗but are tired of yet another quick fix/restrictive eating plan that doesn’t allow for flexibility. ✅ you are frustrated with making the same mistakes over & over, blaming yourself, but don’t know how to make LASTING CHANGE 🏆 Explore the difference with wellness based in psychology 😁 🎯 I am a licensed psychotherapist 🎯 I am a certified health coach 🎯 I am a certified personal trainer More about me! 👇 ✌️mom of two 🏖 beach lover 🐈 🐈‍⬛ cat mom 👩‍🍳 wannabe chef 🎶 classically trained clarinetist 💆‍♀️secretly want to live at a spa