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Kristel Beilby




My specialty is Sales and Revenue Ops: Acquiring Customers, Expanding, Retaining. Strategy and Execution from positioning to infiltration and deal-making to fulfillment. Creator and executor of RollBack Strategy(TM) - teaching others how to focus on what’s critical to propel 🏹their business forward. I help businesses achieve exponential - yet sustainable - growth, in shocking timeframes. I don’t just give you what to do, I teach you how to do it based on successful experience and constantly learning from those who have gone before - both off the cliff and to full success. Creatively and strategically employing logic, data, and business principles to revenue acquisition and operations. Sales isn’t a transaction, it’s a process starting with the first touchpoint in your customer experience - and touching the right customer. Do your sales leaders know how to do that with consistency?? Currently working to bring solutions to organizations, increasing revenue and operational efficiencies - building a platform for growth and a strategic plan for scale, particularly to acquire funding, sell, or after a merger or acquisition. Applying 3 decades of expertise from the business side of medicine to bridge the gaps in your business by seeing the opportunities that others miss. With a few of the right keys 🔐 we’ll unlock the money💰in an order that can sometimes be counterintuitive. Positioning to grow 📈... and then to scale. 🚀 Working with: 🔹Business Owners 🔹Leaders 🔹Organizations 🔹Investors 🔹Boards ▪️Expert in launching and scaling businesses/divisions: MedTech Healthcare Medical/device SaaS Services 🔹Disrupting status quo in the interest of doing things that matter. 💡Concept generator 💡Vision executor ☕️ coffee 🐶 my dog 🏔 playing in the mountains and 🚲 on my bikes are my pleasures. 🔶Giving back, helping others and working with at-risk youth so THEY can rise up - is the very core of me. 📈🧠🧬💊💈💰🏹💡💵🫀💸💴🎧🎤🧲💡🍓🧮🌈🖐🏻📰📨🔬☁️🌏🥽🏭📱🍎📎⏳🌱 Primary influence to share my knowledge and my best encyclopedic resource for all things ads/sales/marketing: Scott Bell @scottsbell Message that hit me hardest - I was being selfish not sharing to help others, courtesy of: Taylor Welch @taylorawelch Women of knowledge, who gracefully execute, and you’d want in your foxhole: Elizabeth Axelgard @fineartofRE Sally Mildren @SallyM Reach me at: [email protected]