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💎 CEO of Ruby Media Group ® 🗣 Political & Social Media Commentator 🏛 Founder of ©Republican and Conservative Club. 🐘 Top 10 U.S. Politics Club 🧠 Founder of Public Relations, SEO & Content Marketing Club 🔥 Follow the Ruby Media Group Club 💚 Founder of AEPHI Alumni Club 👸 “Queen of Clubhouse” -Jack ✳️ Moderator style: Audio-only cable news network. Creator of #1 U.S. Politics Club. ⚪️ Publicist. Content Creator. Crisis Communications Consultant. On Air Political Commentator. PR for SEO Digital PR pro. Investigative Broadcast Journalist. 💡Entrepreneur with 15+ years of experience running an award-winning PR, Content Marketing & Social Media Agency. 💰 🎙 Podcast host of The Kris Ruby Show: the politics of big tech and social media. 📺 TV News Journalist & Pundit. 200+ national TV segments on Fox News, Newsmax, Fox Business, CNBC, ABC, GMA & more 📖 Published author in ADWEEK, FORBES, OBSERVER. 🔥 Permission not granted to use “Kris Ruby” or “RubyMediaGroup” in room titles, videos, articles, club descriptions or club rules. © 🗞 Report on: politics, social media, brand marketing, tech, NLP, Section 230 of The Communications Decency Act, X, Google, Meta, Instagram, TikTok, AI/ machine learning, the politics of SERP results 🔗 Services I offer: PR, Content Marketing, AI consulting, Digital PR, Executive media training, social media, personal branding, media relations, SEO. 💡Topics I am interested in: Machine Learning, NLP, SaaS, AI, Content Marketing, SEO, PR, Entrepreneurship, B2B Marketing, 🩺 People I help: doctors, lawyers, and entrepreneurs build their brand through publicity, content and social media. I am the person behind the scenes of top executives, SaaS founders, surgeons, MDs and top docs in private practice. 🔐Business Communities: YEC Founding Member 💬 BU COM (09) alum. ΑΕΦ 💎 💎 ⚖️ I moved to X. ⚖️ Connect with me 👇🏻