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Kris Orticello




Actor🎬 .Host 📺 Singer 🎤 Christian ✝️. We create marketing videos which I star in. The videos use my influence to third party endorse your product or service in order to assist your promotion. Book me on MEMMO to get your marketing video now. Link in Instagram bio. I am also a featured celebrity talent on CAMEO, the celebrity messaging app. I can star in custom video messages for your loved ones, special occasions or a pep talk to keep you motivated. Link in my Instagram bio to book me. My full biography and acting work is on IMDb searchable on my insta link. Contact me to schedule my contribution to your room ☎️ or to book me to star in your film or television show 📽📺⭐️ I’m here to serve ❤️🖤 Providing entertainment advice, behind the scenes adventures 🎥 & more 🥳 I have a ton of interests, because we have a ton of time in a day to hit our targets 🎯 I train a lot 🤓 with the best coaches 🏆. Life is interesting, and I stay curious 🧐 Especially looking forward to meeting other Kingdom wealth builders 💰, and collaborators 🤝. Let’s get to know each other, and help each other out! 🤗 If you’ve read this far, and want to know if I’m in a relationship; answer is I’m only interested in attracting my future husband. 👩‍❤️‍👨 In the words of Carmelia Ray: “Catch me if you can!”🎉❤️ Weekly Clubhouse schedule: Mon-Thursday 9am EST- Mindset and Motivation Power Hour Mon-Friday 6pm EST- Pop Culture POP UP Tuesday 1pmEST-Confidence on Camera Monday & Wednesday 12:00pm EST: The Media Mastery Show Wednesday & Thursday 9:30am- Scaling Luxury Brands, SEO, traffic, PR, Media Thursday 3pm EST: 12pm EST: How to get Publicity Thursday 3pm EST: Media Mastermind Friday 8pm EST: Christian Professionals Fellowship