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🎤Speaker | 💬Communication Expert |🔴TEDx Coach | 📣Speaking Coach | 🎾Avid Tennis Player | 👠Loves Shoes & ✈️Travel ✨CEO/Founder-SMARTSuccess®Inc-Make Money 💰Speaking ✨Founder SMARTSuccess® 🎙Speaker’s Studio ✨Founder SMARTSuccess® Club I am a 🎤Professional Speaker. Speaking is my 🍓JAM! I help you make money and grow your business through speaking. This includes everything from a 1 minute introduction (it’s never a pitch) to crafting your keynote and getting booked on stages. Let’s talk ALL things SPEAKING! My Philosophy: I believe in SMARTSuccess®. When you know who you are, and how you work best, you will be more successful in your business. This goes for speaking as well. It’s not about the 🚫um’s and ah’s. Speaking starts with having a clear core message. I call it your stake-in-the-ground around WHO you are, WHAT you believe and WHY you do what you do. What I don’t believe in is specific, step-by-step, 🍪cookie-cutter talk formats that make you sound like everyone else. You are an original-use it to STAND OUT. I work with smart, experienced, business-owners who want to use their natural talents to set themselves apart through speaking. I have over 19 years of experience as a business-owner and have worked with 🏆300+ entrepreneurs on speaking and messaging in the past 3 years. As a Professional Speaker, I combine my speaking expertise with my advanced training in Psychology and Communication to help you develop a talk that truly fits you. ✨National Speakers Association-Professional Member; Georgia Chapter Board Member ✨Catholic Charities Atlanta Board Member Contact Kricket to speak, to emcee at your next conference or event, or to work with Kricket privately. [email protected] 404-590-5155 Leave a message! (Darn telemarketers) Follow me on Facebook- Kricket Cody Harrison Join my FREE FB Group ⤵️ (case sensitive and answer the ??’s!) Link with me- Tweet me-@KricketHarrison