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Just here to have fun and help people with their Technology projects and blockchain products on web 2 and 3.0 as with ethereum and solana. I am the owner and operator of Texaglo Technologies; which is a technology research and deployment business focused on bringing infrastructure training and opportunities to underserved communities in The south. We are currently helping business get on to the blockchain by creating NFT minting sites ,Tokens , smart contracts, and art generation and metadata creation. If your in need of tokenized access we can help you as well. Our business uses the funds we generate from blockchain products to fund training programs and invest in hardware to subsidize internet costs and create opportunities for those in the neighborhoods that need the help the most. Also to support our internship program we are developing to bring more blockchain developers to the space. If you need any help with your project you can reach me here or on discord. 🤠👍🏾I’m an African Texan: software developer 🧑🏾‍💻 Robotic / Telecommunications tech 🪙 crypto currency educator 🪙blockchain service provider 🪙trainer of developers and technicians 🪙Solana developer 💃Supporter of women in technology and blockchain 🚨services🚨 *NFT minting ETH *NFT minting SOL *smart contracts *Website creation *Eccomerce website creation *Website maintenance *Art generation for NFT *AWS web services *robotic integration 🚨projects / receipts 🚨 💋That little girl was me 🏛The assembly club 🪐Freshkingz ♠️ Dead mans hand 👺 nft fractional ownership platform 🦾 lottery system for Solana/ eth ❤️taking care of my grandmother If you want to reach me shoot me an email @: [email protected] Checkout my website @: My GitHub: Link tree