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Artist /Fashionpreneur Ghanaian 🇬🇭 We created a phygital product called Koss Prenuer Jacket. I am the creative director. We make phygital fashion for winning entrepreneurs. Daring and Sophisticated... Introducing KOSS PRENUER JACKETS.. This Is phygital fashion. It features 3 different high-quality textured fabrics that creates a stunning visual and tactile experience for the wearer. It is designed to empower and inspire daring entrepreneurs who embrace their uniqueness and diversity. Whether you're making a big pitch, closing a deal, or simply celebrating a win, Koss Preneur Jacket has got you covered. Just wear your success on your sleeve, and let us help you make a statement with our one-of-a-kind custom made phygital jackets. It's a stitch in time. It came from the idea unity in diversity. Koss Prenuer Jacket showcases the rich African prints. Koss Prenuer Jacket Designs are unique ⏩ There are male and female avatars with 4 main Jacket style designs created *Overcoat *Blazer *Bomber Jacket *Military Styled Jacket Open to connect and collaborate. Quote: 📕Walk by faith not by sight... 1Cor 5: 7 About me: 😊 ➡️ Short course in visual arts... ➡️ Worked with mom and dad ➡️ Advanced course in tailoring... ➡️ A fashion entrepreneur (a decade) ➡️ loves to draw and design.... ➡️ Founder and Creative Director for Koss Prenuer Jackets... Languages ⏩Twi / English 👉🏾