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#serial founder | Space Investor, Founder and Chairman of the first ever Zambian Space Company, Ignitos SPACE. Awarded the BEST Space Startup in Africa. Zambian Tech Investor, Speaker, Strategist, Wanderlust, foodie, loves disruptive tech in Africa | Newly appointed country director of Zambia Business Angels Network Exited as Founder of Zambia’s largest last mile delivery network. We are the Ubereats, grocery, pharma and laundry on demand services in Zambia. We mine and process copper, gold and other high tech minerals like cobalt, tantalite & coltan. DM for more info. Already doing business with miners on CH. Abundance is within your grasp! Co-Creator of the first commercial pharma-cannabis farm in Zambia. Anything agriculture we have, with access to free range non gmo products such as honey and avo’s. DM for more info Always looking for great collaborations! The great chili safari, a culinary adventure. Email me on: [email protected] 🇿🇲🇿🇲Zambia the center of the universe! 🇿🇲🇿🇲