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Proud to say!! I Am an author of my children’s book that Empowers. 👉🏾”The Lesson: Abu's Curiosity” My 1st book available for Sale in Paperback & as an E-Book on Amazon My 10KCard 👉🏽 👈 Founding Creative Director of The Hand Enterprises LLC/ 🪘TheHAND Arts & Edutainment 🪘 First ChatGPT Community Member Prompt Engineer & Generative AI Student. Digital Artist & Creator - Mid Journey, Dall-E and other platforms. Teacher, Musician & Music Producer, Sound Engineer, DJ Email: [email protected] Band Member, Musical Director: NUBIAN MESSENGERS - IG, FB - DJEMBEFOLA Cultural Custodian - Producer, Musician - Educator/Teaching Artist - B-Boy-DJ & Born into HipHop - Mentor Facilitator - Curriculum development - Program Curator & Facilitator