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Kirsten Lewis




📷 photographer 📚educator 🪁content creator 🗣 international keynote speaker 🌁 IG: kirstenLphotog she/her k-I R-sten. (Sounds like Kurstin) 🖥 Documentary Family Work: 📰 Editorial / NGO / Commercial: 💡Co-Founder of the Documentary Family Awards ✨ Featured on Creative Live, The Huffington Post, Rangefinder, The Photographer’s Revolution, Just Curious Show, Musea, SLR Lounge 💾 Contributor to Chew On This Magazine, Richmond Magazine, Style Weekly, Joe Biden Campaign, Adobe Exclusive Collections 🔸#1 Photographer in the USA: This Is Reportage || Family 2020 🔸Top 30 Photographers In The World: Fearless Photographers 2011 🔸First Place Sports Feature: Virginia Press Awards 2011 🎧 Remembering to listen more than I speak // 👵🏻 first time “old mom” who’s constantly fucking up // 🤲🏻interested in connecting with new people across the board // ❤️ BLM // 🤷🏻‍♀️ Agnostic Jew // 👛 Cisgender BiSexual // 🎯 Enneagram 7/w8 // 🎢Myers Briggs ENFJ