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👑 “The Real KKDIVAMOM (tm)" ✝️GOD IS, SO, I AM.✝️FAITH FIRST! #TRUSTGODANDKEEPITMOVING 🌟OES 🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 👑OWNER, FIRST CLASS COMMUNICATIONS, LLC - Strategic Communications, Public Affairs, Production and Arts Management 👑PROFESSIONAL SPEAKER 💵🎤💫—(Motivational, Inspirational) 👑MEDIA TRAINER💻📚🎥📱 👑✳️Moderator, Host 👑💯🎼CLASSICALLY TRAINED MEZZO-SOPRANO -Recitalist, Opera, musical theater, Jazz;🎼“Music is the marrow in my bones”🎹❣️ 👑🎙VOICE ACTOR / NARRATOR /(Commercial, audiobooks, character voices, animation, accents, etc.) 👑🎼VOICE COACH / INSTRUCTOR 👑 ✝️MINISTER OF MUSIC / CHORAL DIRECTOR, WORSHIP PSALMIST 👑🎭STAGE / FILM ACTOR (Musicals,Comedy, Drama, Improv) 👑DIGITAL & BROADCAST COMMUNICATIONS MGMT📺 (BET, SHO, DIS, WHUR-FM, and more...) 👑❤️Loving Mom👑👑👑 (Always!) 🎥🎭🏆📺📻 MANY stage, film, opera, musical theatre, television, radio (IMDb)… (list soon) 👑🏠CLUBHOUSE PRODUCTIONS: 🔺“THE YOUNG AND THE THIRSTY” (“Creators First” Award Winner Willonius Hatcher), role: BRIANA (Milk First Gang); 🔺”GREY’S ANATOMY: FLIGHT” directed by Tolu Adokoya, role: DR. DEREK SHEPHERD; 🔺NARRATOR for “DREAMGIRLS CH”, “THE WIZ CH”, “ATLANTA”; “ONCE ON THIS ISLAND” 🔺”THE VIRGIN MARY MONOLOGUES” by Dr. AnSean, role: SISTER SURVIVOR 🔺READS CLUB (weekly table read performances): ACTOR/NARRATOR for“GREENLEAF”, “ AMERICAN HORROR STORY”, “CLEVELAND”, “THE OFFICE”, “AMERICAN GODS”, SANTA CLARITA DIET”, “BLACK MONDAY“ & more. PLEASE READ THIS FIRST: 💔To my Colleagues and Friends on @ Clubhouse 🏠: 🙏🏽 Sometime overnight October 1-2, 2022, my son Robert "Robby" Beathea (aka “BONESTROCITY”) was murdered in his home on W. Cherry Street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Robby was a good man, a recording artist, a loving father and a Christian.✝️ POLICE STILL HAVE NO SUSPECTS, NO PROGRESS! 😡 His family lives on the east coast and travel is $$$$😢! WE (family) NEED YOUR HELP! If you're in Milwaukee, have friends or family there and have any info that might help, contact Milwaukee Crimestoppers or DMs(o.t.r). If you can assist in getting media 👀 📸📡PLEASE DM ME ASAP! 🔥NO PARENT SHOULD HAVE TO BURY THEIR CHILD! 🦅💔⚰️💔🕊Thank you for your love, prayers and support. 🙏👑💯✝️ - Karen E. Simmons-Beathea ("Miss Karen") 🌟[email protected] 🌟💰$kkdivamom (CashApp)