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Kiva Slade




⭐️ Change Agent | Fractional COO | Director of Operations | Space Creator | Load sharer of your mission, vision, and business ⭐️ Firm believer in the power of collaboration! How I help you achieve your big, bold dreams: 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 Human Resources (Team Management and Hiring) 🗄 Project Management 📊 Financials & Data 💡 Strategy & Consulting Founder & Owner of The 516 Collaborative —> I ❤️ hanging out on LinkedIn —> @kivaslade. Let’s connect! 📍DMV Morgan State Alumna 🧡💙 Wife Mom Gluten-free Philippians 4:13 Email me: 📧 [email protected] LET’S TALK ABOUT: ✔️ Finding your right fit team member ✔️ Hiring a VA ✔️ Ops - Systems/Processes ✔️Measure and track what matters in your business ✔️ Entrepreneurship ✔️ Closing the wage gap for woman of color Want to connect with other women for collaboration and growth, join my FB group, The Collab —> DM me on IG ⬇️