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Ivan Gonzalez




Co-founder/CEO @FluentPlay 🌎 Helping event creators reach new audiences and language groups around the world 🌎 Enabling anyone, anywhere, anytime to access life-transforming content in their own language Serial entrepreneur & systems thinker increasing human flourishing. Lover of family and serendipity. ¿Donde están los Ríos de agua viva? Other topics of interest: 8 forms of capital Where’s your capital/money coming from? Where’s it going? The impact of those decisions on your life. Just launched “Kingdom Riffs In The US” club. We will touch on various themes like what Wolfgang Simson & Anderson Williams address in this Vimeo link. ( What’s the difference between “church” and “ekklesia” and why it matters! 📍Napa>Lansing>Detroit>Southwestern Michigan>Chicago>Paris>Panama>Venezuela>South Bend