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💿Locsoulidrecords #locsoulid Join our Loc Soulid club 🎼📍Music Artist/Toronto🎼 🎵🎶🎵Music is life🎵🎶🎵 💈I’m a Certified Barber who Started a lifestyle movement aimed to help fight poverty in Toronto. Using music 💿 “Lifeturns” my single to put on local events & put the proceeds to charities & shelters in my city! I just dreamt of a way to help people. Speak in schools & I do fashion n local artist n comedy shows for upcoming exposure! 🕯 📊I’m a Business Owner and founder of Loc Soulid Inc. My record label is a UNIQUE brand that provides many different services (EPK’s/Websites/10kcards) altered developments to Assit brands to motivate motion. All Artists n Businesses looking To expand!. Hit me up! Best positions in life starts with a convo! 📈(L.O.C S.O.U.L.I.D) inc. Is here to grow with everyone ...let’s build THE JOURNEY! THE GOALS! THE DREAMS! I’m also an Author📖 to a soon to release book “Contious Record of these days” 📚 ☀️Loc Soulid means . Love. Over. Colours. + Shining. Our. Unique. Light. In. Darkness🔅🗼🔅 I’m blessed to be Sponsored by: My business partners; (we offer keys🔑 packages)📦 -Our Certified Entertainment Lawyer helps with consultation! Our PR manages as well as promotes! Our digital and content creators who offers filming and editing services! An accountant who deals with all of our taxes and government issues! Our photographer who does photos/ads 📸 Last but not least all our affiliates that rock with us! Lets helps build this community!Feeding ,clothing and shaping the way in any way for communities less fortunate n homeless. Mentorship in music as I’ve been in it my whole life! and been a recording artist for more than 10 years+. Club in Toronto to get right! 🪓🦁✊🏾🕯🔥✨☄️💫small axe chop big trees!🌴🌲🌴🌳🪵