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Kimberly Johnson




💎 I AM TREASURE 💎 I have a RELENTLESS passion to be about my Father’s business. God has graced me to effectively impact people from diverse backgrounds , whether through ministry or the marketplace. I invest my time, talent, and treasure in THE most valuable asset ever created which is PEOPLE ! 🔥🔥WITH FOCUS ON VETERANS 🔥🔥My love for God is my WHY..... God's love for me is my DRIVE. ✝️Ministry -Global Christian Ambassador -Ministry Administrator/Strategist / Consultant -Ordained Global Evangelist - STRONG passion for Street Evangelism -Anointed to teach, train, and build in DISCIPLESHIP -Inspirational Conference Speaker -+27 years serving and supporting global Missions ( Haiti, Jamaica, Peru, remote villages in Africa, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Israel, Jerusalem, Germany, India) -+23 years Ministry leadership training -Author (books/Ebooks) -Philanthropist -Healthy SOUL Relationship & Deliverance Coach -High Level Hospitality Event Coordinator -🔥Prophetic Intercessor 💫 Cash app- N/A 💫PayPal- Zelle- [email protected] 🌍Marketplace -Founder and CEO of the Treasure Life Center, The Treasure Foundation, The Treasure Consulting Group -PROPERTY & LAND Real Estate Investor with focus on TRANSITIONAL HOMES, TAX DEED PROPERTIES, DEVELOPMENT LIAISON for rehabilitating distressed properties ( boots on the ground ) -AirBNB co-host / Property Management & Procurement -10yrs Integrative Health Management -Certified in Fin Literacy & Wealth Mgmnt -Credit Restoration Mastermind coach -Author ( books/ ebooks ) -Events & Concierge Coordinator (i.e., birthday/anniversary/wedding/burial) 🔥PASSION FOR MY PURPOSE🔥 Treasure Life Center , a global enrichment center that provides transformational therapeutic services to at-risk individuals. 🌟MISSION- Our mission is to provide transformational services which cultivate and shed light on the hidden treasures within a person so he/she not only identifies their self value, but also become empowered to utilize those skills to maximize purpose. This method is uniquely designed for each program participant and is purposed to fortify the individual, their family, and community. 🏠Community Humanitarian- Community leader and Board of Directors at A Place Called Hope, Homeless Hearts,Joseph Storehouse, Showering Love mobile shower & hot food charity for homeless people; assist elderly receive much needed home repairs.