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Krishna K Vemula




AI Enthusiast || Entrepreneur || Traveler || Chef Hiring for sales, revenue assurance, biz dev, blockchain developers 👉I help startups & enterprises kick-start their AI journey 🚀 👉Co-Founder: (AI | mobile apps| RPA) with 💲2 mn in annual revenue 👉Co-Founder: (Celebrity engagement app) 🤳, 💰💰Fundraise stage, Product ready. 👉Built human relationships with humans in ✈️ 30 countries and shared experiences about love, life, problem solving & innovation 📍Live in Bengaluru 🇮🇳| Marketing Strategist by day, passionate chef by night 👨‍🍳 👉Topics Interested: Scaling, IOT, Blockchain, Marketing, Fund raise, DESIGN LED ENGINEERING, Mobile apps, problem statements vs innovation 🦿wellness🧘‍♂️, Nutrition 🥗Fintech 🏦, EdTech 💻, Foodtech 🌯,RegTech, E-commerce, Healthtech 🩺Pharmatech💊, Chatbots🤖 PS: My six year old son comes to me and makes a statement,”Dad, DATA IS A POSH WORD FOR INFORMATION, isn’t it true?”😄😉😁 🦾DM Open:Instagram/Twitter ⤵️ ⤵️