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Kim Edwards-Williams




2 businesses❤️ 2 kiddos 1 Partner Always open to meet “The Plug” in your lane. Consumer packaged goods and creating generational wealth. INFLAMMATION 🔥 PRODUCT MANUFACTURING Jinka Turmeric Paste a yummy mix of herbs that helps to reduce inflammation. It’s now on the shelves of H‑E‑B 🛒In Texas. My partner created this to heal me when I was diagnosed Pre diabetic. Now it’s helping the 🌎 🗣ADD to your daily flow for protection. 17 years❤️ NATURAL EYEBROWS and educate others on the ART of a good ass brow! @EyebrowEnergy ♣️🏡-ZodiAddict PODCAST COMING: HAND JOB’S- skills that pay Talking to Founders who make money with their hands. Sharing career options and freedom. I ❤️ personality profiles and tools to help us see our shit. Join my club ZodiacAddicts ENTP Enneagram 7/8 🔺 Sp. 1994 KM ♉️ 🔥 herbs 🔥 Inflammation 🔥 eyebrows 🔥 Zodiac signs 🔥 Hand Jobs