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📣Champion of People & Ideas 💥Dynamic Team Builder 🎤Podcast host: OVERflow with Kimberly Snider... self-care (mind, body, soul) energy & leadership inspiration 🧠Founder of PeopleBrain ~ HR Leader Engaging Leadership and people-person, supporting Leaders who can’t sleep because they have “people issues” on their mind 🧨Refuel Your Courage Group talks & Facilitator and Motivational Speaker 💪 ...because, You’re NOT here to be average, You’re here to be AWESOME! I believe the cup is not half full or empty... we should be living OVERflowing (saying Yes to our self-care, adventure, goals...!) Click FOLLOW & then 🔔to find my talks. ✨💪😎Topics🔥❤️🙏🤸 Awesomeness Courage Positivity Self-Care for Mind, Body, Soul Leadership EQ (Emotional Intelligence and cognitive grit!) Inspiring 2mm momentum Follow me for inspiration and empowerment at Facebook Group: 🔥PeopleBrain/OVERflow❤️ 🗺 📩 [email protected] 🇨🇦