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Ketan Anjaria




(Keh-ten) HireClub CEO, executive career coach and I have helped 2000+ people find a job and grow their careers. 🦖 📩 [email protected] 👉🏾 Find your coach I love supporting people with empathy and positivity 🚀🔥😍. We’ve raised salaries for our clients by over $3.5 million and I believe workers should be paid more and paid fairly. If you need an executive coach or a career coach to help with your resume or mock interviews or salary negotiation, we can match you to an amazing, affordable coach. CareerClub Moderator On CH, here to help! 🥸 7:30 am Daily - Get Unstuck Founder Coaching 🚀 12:00 pm PST Mondays - Breaking into Tech 💼 12:00 pm PST Wednesdays - Career Coaching 🥰 10:30 am Thursdays - Career Vulnerability Talks 🕊 9:00 pm Daily - Lullaby Club ✍️ Writing an Indian fantasy novel 🛌 Sharing stories and lullabies in Lullaby Club. 🎸 I am learning how to sing 🎤 I’m a South Asian immigrant from India. I was born in Bombay and moved to the states as a third culture kid. 💸 @kidbombay Venmo