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Su Wern




She/Her/Hers. My first name is Su Wern! Malaysian 🌺🇲🇾based in Houston🇺🇸, passionate about all things gender equity, startups, innovation, wealth equity, FemTech, K-pop and GenZ💫 _________________________________________ 🦁Programs Manager @ FemTech Focus We’re a non-profit empowering and supporting the FemTech industry. FemTech = tech/innovation improving women’s health & wellness 🩺🧬 💰Venture Partner @ Coyote Ventures 🚀 Founder of The Ecosystem We’re the community for all things tech, startups, VC and innovation at the University of Houston. 🦄 Venture Associate @ Republic ✨Venture Scout @ The Wiress We’re the female student founder & VC network. __________________________________________ 🦋 🦋 DMs are open!