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Hamed Benida




Hamed benida 💥Marketing x Design x Tech💥 💼 Product & service designer 💼 Product Advisor 💼 UX driven Marketer 💼Talent acquisition advisor 💼 Software Engineering background >I'm currently working on< 🌱 Personal advisory for 1st time founder, and business owners to grow 🌱 Service design & brand strategic advisory for SMEs, startups 🌱 Co-founding member in VC network association 🌱 Talent acquisition, matchmaking talents with stakeholders in Local Ecosystem 🌱 Sharing personal growth mentality >What I've been working on lately< ⏩Head of marketing ⏩Talent acquisition manager ⏩ Product designer ⏩ Business consultant --------VMDsolution------ ⏩ Full stack designer [ UX + frontend dev ] -------startupNation------ Founding member in university chapter 🎯 Mission : build up next generation of game changers ! >Co-founder of let's speak entrepreneurship clubhouse community< join us ⬇️