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Kevin L. Nichols




The Social Engineer ™ - Legal | Tech | Diversity, Equity & Inclusion | Social Media and Branding | Consultant. Kevin L. Nichols is the Founder, President & CEO of The Social Engineering Project, Inc., an Oakland based, Google and Microsoft funded, social impact venture with Stanford University designed to address the lack of diversity in the tech industry through STEM pipeline programs for underrepresented students of color and diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting for tech companies. Nichols has been featured on LinkedIn’s Hall of Fame, Yahoo’s Blog, in the Examiner, Black Enterprise, CNN Money, Reuters, MarketWatch and the Wall Street Journal. Millions saw Kevin while logging in to from 2011-2014. For more information and full CV and Bio, please visit The Social Engineering Project, Inc. ΚΑΨ, ΓΑ Chapter