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Kevin Shah




(He/him) Captain Empathy 🦸🏽‍♂️- Harnessing the superpower of empathy 📱CEO and Co-Founder of Jaago - The empathy gym app - 🏆 2020 Outstanding Voices Award winner by Puget Sound Business Journal ⌚️Head of various consumer IOT products at T-Mobile (former Director of Product at Axon, Product@Thales) Pioneered real-time IOT platforms for airlines and public safety at scale. Unafraid to share any part of myself with anyone. Being my 100% authentic self in all spaces. I grow at the intersection of being a brown, gay, immigrant, millennial, formally educated, relatively privileged, living with an invisible disability, and shaped by south Asian and western cultures. 12+ years technical product leader at large tech companies delivering significant customer outcomes. Expert in IOT & software products and services. Working on making Diversity, Equity, Inclusion initiatives truly effective. Questioning everything. 💬 Let’s connect and chat. Will always respond. 📚I think you will like all the links here: #empathygym #authentech