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I’m a voice actor I voice every characters from the films and tv series but yes I’m an actor I have voice many characters from many shows recently includes for tv shows at the moment Mike the Blue Guy Mike Main Role Chipmunk The Scientist Chipmunk Chipmunk Main Role Plotagon Bobby, Scott Happy Pet Story Ben the Orange Fox Creature, Konan, Additional Voices Rabbi Rabbi Main Role Worldass Lionel Main Role Shark Tales: The Series Biggin Day After Day Ranon The Grufflo and The Little Brown Mouse The Little Brown Mouse Main Role Choc the Bear Choc, Simon the Dog/Wolf, Pilow the Rabbit, Hector the Owl, Skullton, Munfy the Bulldog, Oni the Alien Skullton only appears in the episode that’s about Halloween and Oni only appeared in one of the episode Bobinogs Ogi Main Role Animal Attic Cody the Raccoon, Ronald the Hippo, Zed the Wolf, Archer the Brown Dog, Darrell the grizz brown Bear, Felix the yellow fennec Fox, Kelvin the Monkey Sam & Katie Loaf, Alex The Adventures of Rendy the Squirrel Rendy Main Role Uxciall Todsy, Lob, Coowel, Alph, Goodness, Han Amazing Adventure! with Chip & Faft Chip, Faft, Pippin the Chip, Talking Cactus, Theo the Dragon, Fly the Sunflower, Inavand the purple Monster (Vocal Effect) Annie’s Diary Tino Bravest Boy There is Trico Main Role Clubhouse Ox Main Role Clue Him Dungeon Dogs Milo Main Role Castle Cats Leaf Main Role Wars of Wonder BG Tac Tic Toe Toe Main Role Build–A–Bear: World of Bears Handson Family Farm Adventure Hank Main Role 📧[email protected] 📞07818 918257