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Kenny Parry




Son | Husband | Father | 🎶🥁 ⚾️ Energy Efficiency Visionary + Domains + Builder + Marketing + Blockchain / NFTs 💯 Identity Precedes Behavior 💯 So Cal 🏝 Vegas 🇺🇸 Done wasting time… period! You say time is worth more than money?… then why do you pay more attention to your bank account than your calendar?? 🧐 Overall, I am extremely grateful for the years of experience in business and sales. I have been in the home services/sales industry for 15+ years, and help homeowners / businesses transition to renewable energy with a holistic approach: “Reduce before you produce”. Started doing labor, then door knocking, and moved my way up SLOWLY… I have challenged myself this year and disrupting the way homeowners experience energy savings and renewable energy upgrades moving forward. Bringing proven technology to the residential industry and flipping this thing on its head… I’m genuinely grateful to be here and possibly connect beyond clubhouse. If I am not on stage, I am most likely with the kids or one is sleeping on my shoulder. Have 6 beautiful children. I love to provide value and look forward to connecting with more world 🌎 changers. “Jobs Suck —Passions Don’t” *My presence in a room or on a stage is not an endorsement of the context, subject matter, and/or views of the speakers or hosts. Any advice is intended for entertainment and illustration purposes only. Nothing I say regarding investments, nfts’s, crypto, or money is financial advice. Always do your own research and consult with your financial advisor. Ps. Don’t be greedy!