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Digital Event Expert and Multi-Million-Dollar “Sell From the Stage” Pro for nearly 4 decades… 💥Get a 🎉FREE🎉 ticket to my upcoming event—which will reveal how YOU can Produce Ridiculously Irresistible Digital Events—scroll down for details!💥 Now sharing my 39 years of wisdom of selling from physical and digital stages from all over the planet🌎. I started producing trend-setting Digital (I think “virtual” is the wrong word—online events are totally REAL with a deep connection) Events back in 2009, and have fine-tuned them into high-converting, totally engaging sales experiences. 💰💵💸💰🤑 We introduced “LiveConferenceTV” back in 2008—before its’ time—which I believe was the first hybrid live/digital event strategy. Last year, we produced “OpportunityThon”, the world-record setting 28½ hour live marathon broadcast that featured over 55 of the world’s leading authorities on business, mindset and success. Other events include “World Love Week”❤️💕, which focused on building business as a force for good (Feb 14-20), the World InfoMastery Summit, the World Speakers Summit, the World Authors Conference the World Chiro Conference and more. Now through my company, Amazing Digital Events, we produce The PRIDE Experience: Produce Ridiculously Irresistible Digital Events, a 3-day LIVE online event that reveals how you can Plan, Produce and Profit with Digital Events. The next PRIDE is March 12-14. Want to discover how you can pivot to the Digital Stage and take command of your speaking/coaching business? 🎉👍😎 Get the scoop (and a very special “Clubhouse Family Gift” at Follow me here on Clubhouse! Click the 🔔 up there ^. You can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram too— click below. Would love to connect!