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Kendrick Avant




What’s the difference between grateful & showing Gratitude? Writing or recording your WHY is the difference. Creating testimonials of the GOOD in your life to slow negative thoughts and improve your Inner G (energy). I started an online gratitude journal to help others FEEL this magic. Every day, I’m leading wheelchair-bound Tribespeople to BE better by talking and telling stories of MY personal Gratitude Journal, sharing wellness practices & wheelchair tips. It’s called… ** 💛 increase positivity 🧡 prioritize mental health ❤ improve communication 💚 discover strengths 👨🏾‍🦼 My blog is an interactive experience based on living (Gratitude OVER Disabilities) Subscribers have inspiration to finish & make changes! *updated DAILY* 💵 • CashApp Donations: $KendrickAvant 💵. • PayPal Donations: @kendrickavant0116 FB: KendrickAvant IG: KendrickAvant LinkedIn: KendrickAvant TikTok: KendrickAvant "If you can’t GET better physically, BE better mentally.” ~Kendrick Avant~