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Holistic Healer & Medical Intuitive 🌿Plant Spirit Messages and 🧿Energy Checks ☀️ West African Baby Shaman 🇳🇬 ⚕️Holistic Healer & Medical Intuitive 🩺 Osteopathic Med & OMT Enthusiast 📈Master of Public Health (MPH) 🧠 Neurodivergent 📚Diagnosed w/Adult ADHD in medical school 💚Medical CBD & Cannabis Enthusiast 🌱Budding Cannaprenuer My interests: (ping me!) Blockchain technology, NFTs, non-ETH NFTs, DeFi [Crypto/IG Acct @cryptokemi] -Consumer Electronics -Soap & Candle-making -Human Design - 6/3 Generator - “advanced spiritual topics” journeying, 5D, inter-dimensional teas, planetary magic, -Anything Herbal, using/learning, etc.. -Psychedelics, psilocybin, magic mushrooms 🍄 -Virtual Grand Rounds ✨ What I like having conversations Hot Topics, Real News, Manifesting, Spiritual Topics, Astrology, Asteriods, Money Magic, Herbs, Soap-Making, Music 🎶.. ✨Readings, Reiki & Spiritual Services: ✨ 🛀Shop my Spiritual Baths, Ritual Oils & Crystals 🛁 🏷Use code: CLUBHOUSE for 20% off everywhere 🏷 🏷 Services I offer: ⚕️Medical Intuitive Sessions 💼 Intuitive Business Guidance 🌀Akashic Records Practioner 🌿Herbal & Plant Spirit Messages 🙌 Vortex Aura Reiki & Lightbody work 🕯Candlework & Community Altar 🧘🏽‍♀️Quantum Healer Best way to connect with me is DMs on IG or the text number listed here. 💗 (567) 218-0938 💌 [email protected] {best email to reach me} My links: 💌 [email protected] Soulfam 🔵 PMS293 🌱C21H30O2 🍄 Let's connect! 👇🏾 ✨Join Plant Parents!✨