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β€œ...but are you FREE” πŸ“± BOOK YOUR FREE STRATEGIC CALL TODAY 🧩 LICENSED COUNSELOR βš–οΈ BUSINESS PLANS πŸ“ˆ STRATEGIC FORECASTING πŸ“Š SWOT ANALYSIS #SleeplessinLA β˜€οΈ CSUN - ALUMNI CLUBHOUSE AFFIRMATION MODERATOR ✳️ As THE FREEDOM COACH, I partner with businesses and people to get it πŸ”₯ L.I.T. πŸ‘πŸΎLIFTED πŸ’‘ INSPIRED πŸ“ TRANSFORMED As a result of working with me and the UnfilteredLove partners, businesses and individuals will gain the tools and techniques to BE FREE, do you know of a business or individual who want help in these areas? BE FREE; LIVE YOUR MEGA LIFE #UnfilteredLove Thanks for actually reading my bio πŸ”° I started from the hood in South Central Los Angeles to being the only one ☝🏾 in the room (Black or Man) ... I now fight for equality, justice and love by training businesses and individuals to over-stand THEIR emotional intelligence. I AM: πŸ‘ Strategist πŸ‘€ Analyst πŸ—£ Communicator βš”οΈ The Freedom Coach 🎧 Podcast (UnfilteredLove Radio) 🍱 Culinary Maestro (UnfilteredLove_Food) CEO/Founder of UnfilteredLove πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ NAVY VET πŸŽ™Public Speaker πŸ’» Actor ✊🏾 Activist πŸ“ Ghost Writer πŸ“±YT: UnfilteredLove TV